Real Estate
Brokerage Case Evaluation

Never forget that an unhappy client has many options to express their dissatisfaction, from social media, to dispute resolution forums, to the Real Estate Agency. It’s best to know early-on what your exposure is.

This service is for the broker or firm that is confronted with a potential lawsuit, mediation, arbitration, or Real Estate Agency investigation, and needs assistance in evaluating the downside risk. What are the statutes and regulations that apply? What are the applicable standards of care in the brokerage community? What about NAR ethics? Were they violated? What are the potential sanctions? Are there any experts that should be lined up immediately?

Chances are I’m familiar with the issues, the players and the experts. The brokerage is the client. As with the Lawyer/Client Case Evaluations, I can provide the analysis, evaluation, and assistance to help decide upon the best strategic choices along the way. I can act in a limited capacity, simply providing initial evaluation, or work with the broker or firm (and their attorney, if applicable), being available for consultation as needed.