Legal Services

I’ll have À la Carte.

One of the services I can perform for clients or other lawyers is the ability to give quick, high quality opinions, direction, and assistance in real estate matters. They simply carve out a defined task- such as reviewing and evaluating a disputed sale agreement, analyzing a real estate case headed for mediation/arbitration/court, or performing some other issue beyond the time or expertise of the client or assigning attorney.

I can prepare an analysis of the issues and, a summary of important issues to consider going forward. No muss, no fuss. The benefit to the client or assigning attorney is that he or she secures nearly fifty years of real estate insight and experience at an affordable rate.  Whether the cost is passed along to the client is up to the assigning attorney. And there is no risk of losing the client – all dealings are with the attorney and absolute client confidentiality is preserved. It is a truly a win-win proposition – with the assigning attorney retaining the client while enhancing his or her skillset for the next time a similar project comes along.