Q-Law Rants

ZOOM Couture

According to Family Court Judge Dennis Bailey of Broward County, Florida,  ZOOM hearings have become way too casual. This, according to a recent ABA article

Delicious Cosmic Karma

I do not use my I-Phone while walking, working out, or any activity that requires concentration. Never have and never will. Walking requires as much

A Kinder, Gentler, CFPB?

It is no secret I have a fair amount of animus toward the CFPB, which, since its creation in 2010, regarded itself as “the new

Dante’s Vestibule

“THE VESTIBULE: This Is The First Part Of Hell That You Come Across In Dante’s Inferno. It Is Reserved For The Indecisive. The Souls Here In

Did Ocwen Just Get “Out-Ocwened”?

For those folks familiar with the lending and servicing industries, Ocwen is likely a familiar name.  Metaphorically speaking, it has become a regulatory piñata, with

Word Play – A Q-Rant

Disambiguation refers to the removal of ambiguity by making something clear. Disambiguation narrows down the meaning of words and it’s a good thing. This word makes sense